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Vitamin C may slow progress of cataracts

A diet rich in the antioxidant vitamin C appears to help keep cataracts away, according to a study published March 23 in the journal Ophthalmology. Genetics play a part, too, though a much smaller role by comparison. In the study, researchers at King’s College London analyzed the development of cataracts in 324 sets of twins […]

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Food for your eyes

Take a look at the various conditions affecting different parts of the eye and see which foods contain the vitamins and nutrients necessary to keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp.

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7 Weird reasons your eyesight is changing

Drop that smartphone and grab some fruit maybe. Research suggests that too much of one thing and too little of the other could make clear your vision issues. Along with Vitamin D deficiencies, lots of other odd things may be to blame for your sudden sight problems. As compiled and Prevention magazine, here are […]

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Top foods and drinks that offer dry eye relief

People often complain of having dry eyes, whether it’s due to allergies, contact lens use or an underlying health condition. In fact, about 33 million Americans suffer from the frustrations of dry eye (1). However, rather than turning to repeated use of over-the-counter eye drops, which may cause blurred vision and systemic problems such as […]

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Top nutritional tips for eye health.

Did you know that adding certain nutrients to your diet every day, either through foods or supplements, can help save your vision? By adding powerful antioxidants to your diet, you can greatly improve your eye health, according to an eye specialist. Following on from a Digital Journal health article about allergy tips for sore eyes, the California Optometric […]

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