Climate Change

With climate change, prevention matters more than ever

Sue Lowe, O.D., has a regular spiel with patients—and it goes beyond the usual suggestions to wear sunglasses, rest their eyes or look away from their computers for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Hers is about the environment. “The eye is a unique organ,” she tells patients. “It’s only 22 mm long, but it’s susceptible […]

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Scleral_lenses miami doctor

Why Are Scleral Lenses A Better Option Than Contact Lenses?

Due to high-risk of serious infection and the cases of failure, corneal transplant imposes a crucial risk on the health of the patient. Contrary to the practices of corneal transplant, scleral lenses is free from all long-term risks. You don’t have to worry about the rupturing of the wound during any trauma, nor would you […]

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Interview with Dr. Elise Kramer

Dr. Elise Kramer, from Eye Clarity, is a residency-trained optometrist in Miami, who specializes in ocular health and disease, ocular surface disease and regular and specialty contact lens fitting. Among the latter, she designs and fits scleral lenses. This is the topic we have chosen to speak about with Dr.Kramer. Dr. Kramer, what are scleral lenses? Scleral […]

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What Your Eye Exam Says About Your Health

Yes, your eyes are the window to your soul or whatever. But, they can also be a surprisingly helpful window into your overall health. So,  and Safety Month, we talked to Mark Jacquot, OD, clinical director at LensCrafters, to find out more about what we can learn from our peepers. Certain health conditions don’t impact […]

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What Is Farsightedness?

Farsightedness, also referred to as “hyperopia” by eye doctors, is the common term describing eyesight that is blurry on objects that are nearby, but clear when you look at anything in the distance. So, watching TV may be a problem, but reading a highway billboard probably isn’t. That’s farsighted vision-seeing things clearly when they’re far. This […]

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All you need to know about contact lenses

Contact lenses help people improve their vision. If you are not careful, contact lenses can cause major eye problems. It is important to keep your eyes safe. Use this page to help you talk to your eye doctor about keeping your eyes healthy and comfortable while you wear contacts.   General tips  Follow your eye doctor’s […]

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